Thursday, April 07, 2011

Mugdha Godse gets short end of the stick from conservative Marathi viewers

Mugdha Godse has realised that there is no 'short cut' to success. 

The actress, who is currently doing a stint on the small screen as a judge on talent show Marathi Paul Padte Pudhe has caused panic with her dressing sense among the Zee Marathi viewers.

Fashion fracas

The Fashion star is most comfortable in short dresses. With a toned body to flaunt, she has no qualms wearing outfits that accentuate her curves. She had even worn a bikini in her last B-Town outing Help.

But her rising hemlines, plunging neckline and styles are cause of consternation among the audience.

Says a source, "Mugdha stands out among the other judges. Having been a model, she subscribes to a different set of sensibilities that is hard to digest for the rest on the show as well as the audience.

Feedbacks that they have received online from the viewers state that her attires don't go down well with the viewers."

When asked to tone down her dressing style, however, the actress did not relent.

Get global

Says Mugdha, "I just want viewers to realise that wearing western outfits shouldn't be a problem as long as it's not vulgar or too revealing.

This is a show where we are telling people to get globalised and clothes don't make a difference. There is a famous saying 'Clothes don't maketh a man' and I truly believe in that." 

Total chaos on Sets

Total chaos broke out inside the sets of Zee Marathi's popular show, Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, at the Famous Studio in Mahalakshmi on Tuesday night, which disrupted the shoot!

As the shoot for the new season of Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, named "Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: Swapna Swaranche, Navtarunnyache", with contestants above 40 years was going on, some young guys who were present in the set were continuously found chatting and making noise. The shoot which was graced by anchor Pallavi Joshi, judges Dr Saleel Kulkarni, well known classical singer Asha Khadilkar and celebrity judge veteran violinist Prabhakar Jog. The show was further abrupted when the boys continued to misbehave, which prompted the authorities to send them packing from the sets.

But after few minutes, the same boys with their friends came back to the Famous Studios, barged in, smashed the cars present, broke things in the studio's campus, and assaulted the staff of the Studio and even the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa officials. They even broke the furniture in the reception area. Anchor Pallavi Joshi's car was severely damaged in the process, and this resulted in 3 boys getting arrested.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - Lil Champs

Probably the best show on television across genres. The kids are simply superb. What talent. Does anyone have any idea as to when the next season is going to start?

Eka Peksha Ek

Please get Sachin out of the show. What qualifications does he have to be a judge? forget being Mahaguru? Extremely over hyped. Not worth a watch.